"O see, how brightly the universe gleams!
There is a radiance on everything;
you drift with me on a cold sea,
but a special warmth flickers from you to me, from me to you."

Sunday, March 6, 2011

love me, love my NPR

When I was growing up, I would groan when my mom would turn on NPR.  What a monotonous drone, I thought.  But, somewhere in my early twenties, I discovered that I had begun listening to NPR myself.  And I was sucked in.  I loved it!  And I still do.  Ira Glass, Carl Kassel, Ofeibea Quist-Arcton (she of cool name and even cooler accent), Neal Conan, et al., these people have a significant presence in my life.  Ask my husband, when I had to go without NPR for a month or so (something to do with a kitty chewing up cords...) I got really cranky.  I never feel like I've heard the entire story until I've heard it told on NPR.  I can count on them for honest, level-headed coverage, which is rare nowadays.  Insights into things going on in distant countries that other news organizations neglect to report on.  And the arts coverage--I always learn so much.  Subjects that I was completely unaware of, or thought I would have no interest in, become riveting.  Plus, shows like Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and Car Talk are freakin' hilarious.  The world is absolutely a better place because we have NPR.

{NPR Valentines.}Click here to help save public broadcasting. 

I want to listen to NPR on this Crosley clock radio from Urban Outfitters, but they don't have it anymore.  Sucks.

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