"O see, how brightly the universe gleams!
There is a radiance on everything;
you drift with me on a cold sea,
but a special warmth flickers from you to me, from me to you."

Sunday, March 13, 2011

tiny treasures from the sea

I'm learning how to use my new (used) Canon 20D.  The pink shells I found near Pacific City on the Oregon Coast, at Whalen Island County Park.  The teeny pink shells are everywhere on that beach.  The agates I found at Road's End beach in Lincoln City.  There, agate hunting can be a serious endeavor.  I asked one man, on his hands and knees near the waves, why he was searching for agates.  He said, "it's cheaper than therapy."
I have all kinds of treasures from our travels on display throughout our house, mostly on our windowsills and in blue Ball jars.  I've always loved tiny treasures--when I was a kid, I was always bringing home little rocks and shells and bits of beach glass.  Even now, sometimes I'll put my hand in my coat pocket and discover an agate I slipped in there on some trip or another!

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