"O see, how brightly the universe gleams!
There is a radiance on everything;
you drift with me on a cold sea,
but a special warmth flickers from you to me, from me to you."

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Mount Jefferson purple wildflowers by polaroidmandy
Mount Jefferson purple wildflowers a photo by polaroidmandy on Flickr.  (That's me!)
My husband and I are thinking about planning a trip to see and photograph spring wildflowers.

The tough part is that it varies so much from year to year when the wildflowers bloom, and if it will be a good year or not.  Several websites update the condition of wildflowers in specific areas, as well as conditions that affect the blooms, like temperatures and precipitation.  Here's one for Death Valley.
This is probably my favorite wildflower.  It's a fairyslipper, also called a calypso orchid.  They grow in the damp, mossy underbrush and they're only a couple inches high so they're tricky to spot.  This one I found on a hike in the Columbia River gorge waterfall area in Oregon.

bear grass in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness, Oregon.

My husband, taking in the eye-popping beauty of the wildflower display in the late summer at Mount Rainier.  Seriously, the flowers were breathtaking.  Words cannot describe.

My husband again.  As you can see, I like to take pictures of him taking pictures.  This is him standing in a field of glacier lilies in Glacier National Park, Montana.  Grizzly bears love to eat glacier lily bulbs, so depending on the time of day, hanging out in a place like this is actually quite dangerous.  Not in the middle of the day when we were there, though.  I'd be happy if I never ever live to see a grizzly bear in the wild.  When you're hiking through places like this, you can actually see big mounds of dirt that the grizzlies dug up when they were looking for glacier lily bulbs.

Where are your favorite places to see wildflowers?

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